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We are Instant Analysts.
You want analysis, instantly.

We’ve got free and premium access tools to help you with your digital marketing needs.
Maybe you need help with budgeting, or perhaps it’s building reports. Have a look first, and try them out.

Excellent Value

The tools available are either free or low cost, although more custom services are available.

Use What You Need

It’s all modular, meaning you only use the tools that you actually need.

Instant Results

Enter in or upload the details, and then get the results.

Instant Allocator

Allocate your budget across multiple channels based on your own historical benchmarks. Save time on filling in spreadsheets with instant budget allocation.

Instant Forecaster

Get help with making predictions and forecasting data based on past performance. Upload a series of your own data and get instant help with making your future forecast

Instant Ad Copy Analyser

Get insight on which words in your ad copy are having a positive or negative impact on your campaign performance. Use this information to optimise your messaging.

Do you like what you see?

Feel free to get in touch if you want to contact us and learn more about what we do.