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Instant Ad Copy Analyser – How do Words Impact Your Ads?

Your campaigns need optimising, but other than hammering down on your CPMs or CPCs, you need something else. You need something that can help you to understand how users are interacting with your ads. Imagine that, and now let’s introduce you to the Instant Ad Copy Analyser.

This tool will take all of the ad copy that you’ve got and dig through to see how each individual word has performed in your campaigns. You’ll get an idea of how many times it has appeared, what its typical CPC is and how it has impacted on the click through rate and conversion rate. With this, you could determine which words are having a positive impact on your ad campaigns, and which ones you need to stop using.

Instant Ad Copy Analyser helps you to get a bit more insight into these words from a statistical perspective. As always, you will need to interpret the results and test any changes in your campaigns. But at least you will have a new perspective regarding your campaigns. You can show your boss or client these results too, and really impress them with how granular you’re getting with ad copy optimisation.

The mathematics behind this are pretty simple. Instant Ad Copy Analyser takes all of the words that you have used in your campaign ad copy. All of them (or at least what you upload). Then after removing stop words (words like “the”, “and” or “is”), it starts to do some calculations. The tool looks through for instances that include each word, and finds the associated data for impressions, clicks and cost. With this, it will then help to recalculate the corresponding CTR, CPC and cost per conversion. Instant Ad Copy Analyser will then show you the top 10 words for CTR, CPC and cost per conversion, as well as giving you the full view of each and every word used in your campaigns. That’s cool right?

In order to use the tool, you will need to do a bit of work. Here’s a CSV file to get you started with sample data and the column headings you need to upload. Just fill it in, with each full ad copy in the first column for each row. Then you need to pull in the corresponding performance data for Impressions, clicks and cost. Once you have that, just upload it and hit submit. Then you’ll get the results of your ad copy analysis, instantly. Try it out now, and see how much time and work that saves you.

Instant Ad Copy Analyser
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
Upload your CSV file with ad copy, impressions, clicks, costs and conversion data here (if you don’t have any conversions, just use 0 in your file)

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